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🌟 Why HIIT changed my life 🌟

I lost 35lbs with the help of HIIT exercises 4x a week.

High-Intensity Interval Training. Intense and fast-paced, HIIT isn't always easy. This type of training uses short, intense exercises with low-intensity intervals. No breaks. I love it. It gets my heart rate pumping and is a great way to start my day.

Besides being fast-paced and fun, it helped me reduce and burn fat.

Five reasons to try HIIT in your next workout 〰️

1️⃣ HIIT's level of intensity raises your heart rate and elevates your metabolism. HIIT impacts your metabolism for hours after the workout allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day.

2️⃣ NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY. HIIT training only requires your body weight. - MY FAV.

3️⃣ You can burn calories fast in a short amount of time.

4️⃣ Studies show that HIIT can help reduce visceral fat (the fat surrounding your internal organs).

5️⃣ You can do it anywhere.

🌟 Remember: You need to be careful when performing HIIT exercises. Due to the high-intensity activity, it can shock your muscles and joints. Start small love.

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